Nov. 1st, 2011 02:51 pm
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Whoa! My plush green dragon (currently available only as a pattern) was featured on the front page of Etsy last night as part of this lovely treasury:

My plush Metallicar pattern is in that treasury too, but was not in the group of items that were front-paged.

Didn't get to see my dragon on the front page myself, since Etsy had already moved on to a new set by the time I got home. Still, I'm so pleased!
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Awesome, my plush DeLorean got picked as a Featured Project over on Craftster for the second half of June! I worked so hard on this car so it was a lovely surprise.

They do this funny thing for the featured projects where they use a tiny, often obscure, cropped part of your project photo as the thumbnail, so I didn't recognize my own project for the entire day until someone pointed it out, haha.
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Added some new functionality today to my plush DeLorean before taking it out for another spin. A mad scientist's work is never done.


Hey Doc )
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Whee, my plush DeLorean made it to the top of Craftster's "Hot New Projects" list today! By tonight it no longer qualifies as a new project, but that was pretty cool.
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...out of felt and stuffing?


Eighty-eight miles per hour )

ETA: See the upgraded version!

X-posted to [ profile] craftgrrl (here), [ profile] geekcrafts (here), [ profile] bttf (here), Craftster (where it's been picked as a Featured Project for the second half of June, yay!), [ profile] cute_plush, my dA
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There's a cool new light green dragon with bright red eyes over at my Collection of Finished Plush Dragons page!
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Another delightful little series of pictures of multicolored Camelot dragons, done by [ profile] mydoctortennant (from my plush dragon pattern)!

Click here (scroll down)
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Take a look at these really cool treasuries on Etsy, full of lovely creative things! Big thanks to the folks who kindly featured my items ♥

My Merlin plush dragon pattern is in:

My plush poseable dragon pattern is in:

My plush Metallicar pattern is in:
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Someone's done one of my plush dragons in silk!

It's over at the Dragon Collection page (scroll down to the latest one).
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Added a new pic to my plush General Lee post. I couldn't resist :-P
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My latest plush!


Jump to the far side of the cut )

ETA: action shot! )
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There's a new dragon on my Page of Lovely Things People Have Done with My Dragon Pattern.

It's sparkly!
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You may remember these little plush fellows from me:

Well recently, one of the nice folks who purchased my pattern, Gill Neal, wrote to let me know that she and her daughter had made a blue dragon, and that her daughter had given it to Colin Morgan after seeing him in a play! And what's more, they have an assortment of other dragons already made or in progress, all color-coded to individual characters. I'm especially delighted by the notion of a black Uther dragon.

Now how cool is that?
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Shout-outs to the awesome Etsy treasuries that have featured some of my items lately:

Be sure to check out the amazing things collected there!
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A shout-out to the fine folks who've featured my plush dragon patterns in their Etsy treasuries:

They're filled with awesome stuff I might not have otherwise found. Do stop by and check out their collections, and all the lovely creations contained within!
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A collection of wonderful plush dragons made by other people from the pattern for my original:

The collection )
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It's been a while since I posted one of my plushes, as I've been a little distracted by decoupage lately. This week I came across pictures of one of the last ones I did back in December, another of my dragons.

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